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Product name: Mechanical regulating valve for vapor-liquid ratio/Vapor-liquid separator
Product model: HS14-B803B/HS-B803
Product parameters: Oil inlet: NPT/G 3/4”

Oil vapor outlet: NPT 1/4”

Oil outlet: M34*1.5


Within the stipulated time, metering the volume of the oil that is refueled by fuel dispenser, at the same time, measuring the volume of the recovery oil vapor, the ratio of the two volumes is the vapor-liquid ratio, it can be called A/L ratio.


HS14-B803B Mechanical regulating valve for vapor-liquid ratio: Separate oil and oil vapor; adjust gas-liquid ratio mechanically.

HS-B803 Vapor-liquid separator: Only separate oil and gas, has no adjustment function.


Steps of adjusting vapor-liquid ratio:

Mechanical regulating valve adjusts flow adjusting screw by allen wrench to adjust the vapor-liquid ratio.

The other fuel nozzles cannot refuel while setting vapor-liquid ratio for the first time. The fuel dispenser should be set at the as far as possible high flow when setting the vapor-liquid ratio.

Suggestion: change the filter before setting vapor-liquid ratio.

To reduce vapor-liquid ratio: adjust adjusting screw clockwise;

To increase vapor-liquid ratio: adjust adjusting screw anticlockwise.

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