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Product name: Automatic fuel nozzle
Product model: USN-H07P
Product parameters: Inlet: 1″

Flow rate: 90 L/Min

Work pressure: 0.20 Mpa

Weight: 1.40 Kg
1. Automatic fuel nozzle for diesel, gasoline and kerosene service.
2. Aluminum body of automatic fuel nozzle: lighter weight, more convenient to handle and easier to use.
3. Three shifts normally open with consistent shift: it can be controlled by a hand to control 3 different flow speeds conveniently.
4. Dual lift valve of the automatic fuel nozzle: it's easy switch the fuel nozzle under the high pressure condition.
5. The buffer structure design of the automatic fuel nozzle will greatly reduce the impact to its accessories (breakaway, pipe, and swivel, etc) when the fuel nozzle seals itself.
6. Full hand insulator of automatic fuel nozzle protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates user's hands.
7. It's only required to remove the screw to replace a new spout of automatic fuel nozzle.
8. Each automatic fuel nozzle will be inspected strictly by professional workers before delivering.

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